What Is an Oasis Game?

The Oasis Game is a tool that promotes civil mobilization, to awake and give impulse to communities through fast actions with a high impact.

The Steps

There are six important steps in the Oasis Game. Each of the steps provides guidelines to experiencing transformation in practice whether it be on a personal level or a physical space or environment. A detailed guide to the methodology of the Oasis game can be found here.

The Details

The social technology basically involves inviting the community to make a project and to build in a cooperative way a challenging project chosen by people living in the area according to their needs, like a square, a park, a day care center or a cultural centre. For that the game takes into consideration a broad definition of community and involve representatives of the different sectors of society –NGOs, local government, and people who lives in other neighborhoods of the city.

The Beginning

The name Oasis was inspired by a desert oasis, which is an offer of hope, refuge and stability to the tired traveler in the desert. The main idea is that our world is full of vast “deserts”: regions and communities where social and environmental vitality have been destroyed. Nevertheless, these places still hold points of light full of hope, beauty and joy. The seed of transformation emerges through relationships and through shared dreams, that flow through the awareness of abundance and the appreciation of the power of each person involved.

The Future

The Oasis Game has the intention to reveal these points of light around the world, and to stimulate the culture of daily care with one another and with the place where one lives. A community can work together in a cooperative, imaginative and rapid way to build in one day a modern oasis: a physical space that promotes life, joy and restoration.

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” Everybody wants to change the world, Oasis reminds us of that, and together we’ll change things!”

Edgard Junior
- Co-Founder of Insitute Elos